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Annually Memorial Weekend
This is one of the best free events in Michigan!

Our event runs Rain or Shine!

Our timelines are, 1600's Voyageurs/Fur Trade Era, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War,War of 1812,
Mexican Texas War, Civil War,  Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, and Vietnam.

Friday from 9am - 3pm is Education Day for over 1000 children. This is open to all schools, public, private,
home and their families. Not only will the children and their families get hands on experiences, they may also
purchase food and souvenirs while enjoying their day with us. Our education day is free of charge!
Registration is not required, but it does help us prepare. Please register

New for 2020 Horse Drawn wagon rides!

We will have two teams of horses and wagons offering rides for four hours on Friday and Saturday!

Friday From 5-7pm. Catch the Steam Train through Time Student Train enjoy entertainers, a wild west style robbery, a civil war battle or other historical battle and a cowboy shootout. Veterans and School aged children K-12 ride for free, children must be accompanied by a paying parent or adult. Adults must be accompanied by school age children.  Board the train at 29 W Park Ave, Coldwater, MI. Adult tickets prices are $10.00. 

Friday evening from 7-10pm. There will be Free Karaoke in the Pavilion Tent at Heritage Park.
Music provided by:
Rainbow Key Karaoke. food and beverages will be available for purchase during the dance.

Saturday from 9-11am board the Steam Train Through Time, enjoy entertainers, witness a train robbery and historical battles! Board the train at 29 W Park Ave, Coldwater, MI. This train ride features a wild west themed train robbery, entertainers a western style shoot out and a civil war or other historical battle. Tickets are $15.00

Saturday & Sunday from 9am - 4pm. Our event continues Come enjoy the food and festivities at this family fun and educational event. Enjoy some refreshing tea with Mrs. Lincoln. Watch the battles and skirmishes, Witness the thunder of the many cannons being fired, enjoy live music, a Vintage Base Ball Game, interact with Native Americans, Trappers, Traders, Pioneers, Service Men and Women. Make a candle or make some rope. Pet farm animals and look at the cannons and vehicles from the various wars. Learn how to start a fire the old-fashioned way, learn how to make soap, watch the spinners and weavers turn fleece into yarn and so much more!

See Military and civilian impressions, demonstrations, early setter encampments, drills, battles, period craftsmen and craftswoman at work. See the wigwams and tipis, enjoy Native American drumming, watch a hawk and knife throwing contest. Toss some horseshoes, participate in a potato sack race and then help in a tug of war competition. Come see what it was like to live during the many timelines being portrayed. Shop at our many merchants, sutlers, blanket traders and food purveyors, purchase some raffle tickets for the numerous items being raffled off both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night from 7-10 pm. Return and Join us for our Dance! Great live and recorded music from frontier and Colonial America, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World Wars, Korea and Vietnam. Music provided by Wind Rose  Minstrels. Food and beverages will be available for purchase during the dance.            

Sunday from 9am - 4pm. Join us for a non-denominational church service at 9:00 am. Then rejoin our event for more great family fun, entertainment, battles and historical education.

Monday 8:30am. Join us for the parade uptown. The parade starts at the corner of East Chicago and Hudson Streets and goes through downtown on Chicago Street.

For our fellow reenactors, demonstrators, educators, entertainers, musicians, please come join us for this educational and fun filled weekend!

Want to volunteer? Contact us!   Event Map

Our event is held at Heritage Park, in Coldwater, Michigan
Events subject to change without notice





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